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Teachers and school administrators at Grand Blanc Academy undergo regular evaluation and are formally evaluated at least annually.  Multiple direct observations of classroom and professional practices help create a system of evaluation that is rigorous, transparent, and fair and rate faculty as highly effective, effective, minimally effective, or ineffective.  At Grand Blanc Academy the most significant portion of a teacher’s or school administrator’s evaluation is based on student growth and assessment data.  Relevant data using research-based measures are used to determine student growth and are then shared with staff members.

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Along with student achievement, staff are evaluated on professional standards which will include; significant, relevant accomplishments, contributions and special training, attendance and disciplinary records, timelines, and adherence to a professional code of dress.  Instructional practices will be evaluated including differentiating, lesson planning, technology, maximizing instructional time, and knowledge of subject matter and the ability to impart that knowledge.  Staff will be held accountable for communications and rapport with students, parents, staff, and other stakeholders.  Finally, management of the classroom and the ability to withstand the strain of teaching will be evaluated.

All information gained through teacher and school administrator performance evaluations will be used to inform staff professional development for the succeeding year.  The evaluation process is ultimately used to determine the effectiveness of staff, ensuring that they are given ample opportunities for improvement.  The school improvement team will use certain aspects of the data collected through evaluations to develop the school improvement plan for the following year.  These individual evaluations will be factored into retention, promotion, and termination decisions and are used as a tool for individual professional development across the faculty.